Master of Social Science


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We are no longer accepting applications for the Master of Social Science program.  Students currently in the program can contact the Rosemary Kelly, Assistant Dean, at or 315-443-3261 for assistance.



Interdisciplinary curriculum
The MSSc program is designed to meet the needs of mid-career professionals who need flexibility in earning their degree.  The program features an interdisciplinary approach to broad social science problems based on a comparative analysis of the world’s major cultural areas. The curriculum pays special attention to the issues of international studies, the foundations and development of major societies, and questions involving war and society. See Full Curriculum

An accomplished mix of students
MSSc students include non-government organization officials, teachers, military personnel, government officers, journalists, and corporate executives involved in international business. Many live and work abroad, or have jobs requiring extensive travel. While the program is fully academic in nature, the varied professional backgrounds of the students enrich the conversation and the educational experience. Read Student Testimonials

A collaborative faculty
Each member of the MSSc faculty is a senior professor in the relevant Maxwell department. While each is rooted in his or her own discipline, the faculty works together to ensure that the program reflects an interdisciplinary approach to learning. MSSc students are trained to think broadly, bringing multidisciplinary insights and comparative analyses of issues across cultures and time periods. Read about our faculty