MSSc Degree Requirements

A total of 30 credits are required for the MSSc degree. Up to 6 transfer credits may be accepted upon matriculation, provided they were taken at the graduate level at an accredited institution, you received a grade of B or better, and the courses are relevant to the MSSc curriculum. To remain in good standing in the program, you must maintain at least a B average (3.0).

Students may register for and complete up to 15 credits per year, completing the program in two years. Most students complete the program in three years, but you can choose to work at your own pace and take up to seven years to complete the degree program.

Students must attend a total of four weeks of residency in Syracuse during the program. One two-week residency is required, while the other two weeks may be completed in another two-week session or two one-week sessions.

Students should plan on attending the two week residency and complete the residency seminar (SOS 800) during the first year in the program.

Course Requirements Credits
Residency Seminar 3
Core Areas 18
Final Project and/or Electives 9
Total 30