MSSc Residency

During the course of your program, you must attend a total of four weeks of residency. One two-week residency is required, while the remainder may be done in another two-week session, or in 2 one-week sessions. Both on campus & off campus housing options are available during the Summer residency.

The picturesque Syracuse University campus is located in Central New York State, within a half days’ drive of New York City, Boston, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.

Complete a residency at your convenience
The annual MSSc on-campus, two-week residency at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University is held each July.  While some students register just prior to a residency, others begin coursework as much as a full year before their first residency.

Making connections
The MSSc residency is an opportunity to make connections with colleagues who represent a wide variety of professional backgrounds and life experiences. Readings assigned and completed before the residency feature a theme that links the lectures and discussions, providing a starting point for lively discourse and learning during the first residency’s proseminar (SOS 800). Students gain expertise in critical reading and writing within an interdisciplinary social science mix as they immerse themselves in lectures, readings, and reports.

Summer 2017 Residency:

There will not be a residency in Summer 2017.